The ultimate guide to successful email prospecting

    Achieve repeatable, scalable success with your team’s email prospecting.

    The average cold email response rate is less than 1 percent. The low response rate indicates that sales reps are doing something in their initial emails that isn’t working. In doing so, we teach people to tune us out — both now and in the future.

    How can we fix it?

    We can help our Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) write email content that is more relevant (i.e. personalized) to prospects. Based on Outreach data, highly personalized emails lead to better outcomes, such as more meetings booked.

    This email prospecting guide will:

    • Help you select the right target audience.

    • Give you three winning, customizable email subject lines, backed by data.

    • Teach you to write winning personalized emails using a repeatable framework.

    • Enable you to measure the success of your team’s email personalization efforts and repeat it at scale.

    Give your reps the resources they need to craft personalized emails that get a response — and a meeting booked.

    Download your copy of our guide, “The Ultimate Guide to Successful Email Prospecting.”


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