The 3 simple ways account executives can create and close more deals

    We’re officially in a new era of sales. Today’s AEs must be the CEOs of their book of business. AEs are increasingly responsible for managing their own pipeline coverage, qualifying opportunities, and closing their deals.

    At the same time, sales leaders are also expected to hold AEs accountable for the full sales cycle, including pipeline generation.

    So how can modern sales teams build better workflows and improve sales execution to improve sales rep productivity and efficiently create and close more pipeline?

    Find out in this ebook where we discuss:

    • New buyer preferences and how sales teams can adapt.
    • How sales teams can gain efficiency to prioritize meaningful activities that serve prospects
    • How sales teams align with buyers and stay ahead of risks to successfully close more deals.

    Download to learn how your team can create more pipeline and close more of it — no matter the market.

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