The sales manager’s cut: Top resources to power revenue teams in 2022

Sales managers have a lot on their plates in one of the most challenging environments. How do you make it all work? We’ve got the answers. In this bundle, we share our predictions for 2022 plus tips and tricks for sales managers to onboard reps, convert leads, and close deals faster.
    graphic on sales manager enablement
    The Top 5 Sales and Marketing Predictions: The past two years have held massive change for B2B buying and selling. What does 2022 have in store? We have some predictions. Check out this infographic for five major predictions hitting sales and marketing in the next year.
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    Effective Ways to Close Deals Faster: Join revenue leaders from Outreach, Dialpad, and Highspot as they share new tactics for training sales teams so you can scale and meet buyers' needs, all while exceeding revenue goals. Topics include how to improve productivity, increase close rates, transform customer experiences, and scale your teams faster than ever before.
    Breaking Buyer Silence Preview
    The Secret to Breaking Buyer Silence in the Sales Cycle: The window of opportunity to convert leads into opportunities is incredibly small. Read this guide to learn why your conversions are low and how to convert your prospects effectively.
    sales managers guide to better rep onboarding
    The Sales Manager’s Guide to Better Rep Onboarding: Sales managers viscerally know the struggle of getting new reps onboard and up-to-speed quickly. Now, there’s a better way. This guide covers why conversation intelligence is key to onboarding reps faster and increasing productivity from day one.


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