Empower your sales team to orchestrate full-funnel account-based strategies

    To stand out in today’s B2B landscape, you need to tailor your sales strategies to buyers who expect highly personalized messages at every stage of their journey. Account-based sales (ABS) is a popular technique for achieving this goal, but many leaders still don’t understand the foundational ways it differs from traditional methods. That’s why we pulled together some resources to help you better tailor your team’s sales strategies.

    Download the Account-Based Selling Bundle today to hear from sales experts at leading companies about how they implemented successful ABS plans that demonstrate the value of complex products and services. You’ll also learn ABS basics, why it’s the most popular topic in B2B sales, and things to consider before you launch your own program.

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    • Flexing Your ABS: The Ultimate Guide to Account-Based Sales - this e-book is for B2B leaders who are interested in learning how ABS raises the bar for revenue and pipeline generation.
    • Account-Based Sales: Tips for a Successful Sales and Marketing Partnership - watch this session from the Unleash Virtual Summit Session to hear tactical tips from the Sales and Marketing leaders who spearheaded the Outreach ABS strategy and increased overall engagement.
    • How to Implement Your Account-Based Sales Strategy - listen to this webinar with Outreach, Terminus, and Bombora to find out about the ABS plans and tactics they use to drive more revenue.


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