This is Outreach like you’ve never seen it before.

Check out the latest capabilities for sales and RevOps leaders to unlock seller productivity, improve conversion rates, and increase participation and attainment.

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Increase seller productivity with generative AI

Smart Email Assist with Generative AI auto generates accurate and relevant email copy based on the prior context of conversations between buyers and sellers. Salespeople gain efficiency, without sacrificing quality or the ability to personalize.

Improve ongoing pipeline performance

Create and Close Dashboard provides account executives and sales managers a high-level summary of their forecasted revenue from existing pipeline—highlighting gaps and identifying risks when there is not enough pipeline to achieve quota.

Create and Close Dashboard
Create calculator

Drive pipeline growth with AI-driven metrics and targeted actions

Create Pipeline Calculator provides account executives and sales managers with a list of recommended prospecting activities they need to take to fill any pipeline gaps.

Buyer sentiment > intuition to drive deals forward

Buyer Topics and Reactions in Kaia allows account executives and sales managers to review recordings of customer meetings and quickly pinpoint the buyer’s reaction to 14 of the most relevant sales topics, such as budget, legal, or support.

Topics reactions default view
screenshot of Outreach platform opportunities and deal grid

Boost seller efficiency to close the right deals faster

Deal Grid is a new home screen for account executives, listing all of their deals sorted by health score and value so they can prioritize their time on closing deals with greatest needs and quota impact first.

View critical deal details in a single space

Deal Overview provides a clear and succinct overview of every deal so account executives and sales managers can easily see a timeline of all sales activities and a heat map detailing customer engagement trends.

Outreach's deal insight overview consolidating deals requiring attention and their complete history in a single place
Methodologies graphic

Mitigate deal risk and deliver predictable revenue

Success Plans Methodologies means all of the relevant components of leading sales methodologies — such as MEDDIC, MEDDPICC and SPIN Selling — appear within Success Plan timelines.

Boost rep participation and quota attainment with AI

Pipeline Dashboard brings all of the relevant pipeline details to life in a single, sortable view, allowing sales managers to stay on top of their quarter.

Team Pipeline alt
screenshot showing closed-won insights across metrics

Make valuable sales data accessible to the business with Snowflake + Outreach

Data Sharing with Snowflake is a new integration that allows Outreach data to be shared in Snowflake, helping sales leaders uncover efficiencies and identify new opportunities across the entire sales cycle.

Connect Outreach and HubSpot - Available today!

The automatic, bi-directional sync between HubSpot and Outreach allows customers to seamlessly integrate data from the Outreach Sales Execution Platform into their Hubspot CRM database.

Call Sync Fields

Winter 2023

Outreach Explore+

There's never been a single platform that sales leaders trust to manage all of their deals from creation to close.

Until now.

The future of Outreach is here.

We are thrilled to show you the new Outreach Sales Execution Platform — a platform that makes creating quality pipeline and predictably closing more deals an everyday reality.

A single platform in which sellers and sales leaders can change the way they do business to succeed in this new era of B2B sales.

See what’s new

See what’s new

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Don't just take our word for it.

Hear how our customers are creating more pipeline and closing more deals in Outreach.

How NewtonX is increasing deal velocity and win rates 
How Renaissance is driving more revenue per seller
How VelocityEHS is forecasting with more accuracy 
How NewtonX is increasing deal velocity and win rates 
How Renaissance is driving more revenue per seller
With Outreach, we have insight into what’s working and what’s not working across multiple channels. We also have more insight into which deals we are most likely to win based on our activity data. This is ultimately going to drive better pipeline, which will drive the revenue generation we’re looking for.
Salvatore Cirillo
Chief of Staff to the Revenue Officer at Renaissance Learning

See sales execution in action.

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Talk to an expert

For Sales & RevOps

Maximize methodology investments: Where and how you can leverage Outreach

Outreach helps sales leaders operationalize their sales methodologies, like MEDDPICC, MEDDIC or SPIN Selling. Reinforcing your sales strategy directly in Outreach where your reps execute their sales activities makes it easier to entrench best practices to improve and scale performance. This also helps drive quicker ROI on the investments youve made implementing and training your reps and managers on your sales strategy. 

Manage the sales cycle: How leaders run the business from pipeline and deal management to forecasting the wins 

Like many of our customers, we are feeling the macroeconomic changes here at Outreach, too. Our own sales team leverages Outreachs sales engagement, deal management, and forecasting capabilities to create more pipeline and close more deals, even in this turbulent market. 

Run the business with sales insights: How BI can leverage Outreach data to drive functions forward

In today's competitive business environment, sales teams need a platform that connects data and processes across the organization to gain actionable insights that improve sales execution and increase rep productivity. Outreachs data sharing capabilities connect Outreach data with other enterprise data to empower sales leaders and their teams with new actionable insights that drive deals forward. 

Manage revenue in an unpredictable market: How CFOs put a sales execution platform to use

CFOs need visibility into all aspects of their revenue organization to drive more predictability. The Outreach Sales Execution Platform gives CFOs the data they need to navigate this new macroeconomic environment with revenue forecasting, risk management, and scenario management capabilities. 

For Admins 

The latest deal management features in Outreach

Were turning predictions into conviction. Account executives and sales managers can see how the opportunities in their pipeline are trending and whats at risk at a glance in Deal Overview with a keen eye on Deal Health, win more deals with Success Plans while enforcing proven sales methodologies and arm your reps to learn from great examples and excel in their meetings with Kaia.

The latest prospecting features in Outreach

In this new era of B2B sales, sourcing pipeline is more difficult. To succeed, sellers cant be solely focused on closing deals and they must also contribute to building pipeline and maintain strong pipeline coverage to meet their quotas. With Outreach, account executives and sales managers can use new and existing prospecting capabilities to build pipeline, prioritize actions where most effective, and gain insights on prospecting motions that convert into opportunities.

The latest pipeline management and forecasting features in Outreach

Without a full understanding of the pipeline, sales and RevOps leaders are at risk of missing targets and must guess at the forecast. New features in Outreach including  Deal Grid, Pipeline Dashboard, Forecasting, and Scenario Planner help deliver more efficient, accurate, and predictable forecasts.

Introducing a new look and feel for the Outreach platform 

The new Outreach UI makes it easier to find information quickly by reducing lines, making colors pop, and creating a content architecture for each page that follows you through the platform. This helps you focus on what you need to accomplish and navigate through the platform with a consistent and predictable experience.

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