Women in sales: Unleash your superpower

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    We’ve seen the data. In B2B sales, fewer than 1/3 of sellers are women. And in tech sales, that number dwindles to only 1/4. Women hold just 12% of coveted top sales positions and yet we also know that company profits are close to 50% higher when women are well-represented at executive levels.

    So why aren’t companies unleashing this superpower? What tools do women need to overcome unique biases and challenges to activate their superpowers?

    Watch the panel discussion to learn how to:

    • Recruit and retain more women
    • Prioritize recognition
    • Build confidence, close more deals and grow at any stage of your sales career
    • Beat burnout by cultivating development and support
    • Replicate and build on Outreach’s own best practices - with a sneak peek at our RISE (Recognize, Inspire, Support, and Engage) program


    Pamela Mattsson, VP, People and Organization Development and RISE Leader, Outreach

    Molly Grossman, SDR Manager, Outreach

    Christine Allanson, Commercial Growth Sales Director, Outreach

    LaKeisha Coleman, Recruiter, Outreach

    Shay Keeler, Director, SMB Account Executives, Outreach


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