5 actionable tips for greater prospecting results

    On-Demand Webinar

    At a time when there is an incredible amount of digital activity, how are your sales teams breaking through the noise to get the attention of prospects? As a sales leader, how can you better enable your reps to cut through distractions and objections? During this webinar, our experts will provide actionable tips for digital prospecting that will enhance your team’s success.

    Watch this webinar to learn more about:

    • Coaching your team to construct the perfect prospecting email with personalisation
    • How to use analytics to help reps tailor their next touchpoint and conversation with each prospect
    • How to track results and report on prospecting efforts, while learning which content is working
    • How to incorporate effective social selling strategies into prospecting plays


    Nathan Broome, Emerging AE Director @ Outreach

    Iris Chan, Chief Marketing Officer, Asia Pacific and Japan @ Seismic

    Graham Hawkins, CEO, Founder @ SalesTribe


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