5 ways to close more deals (and close the sales execution gap!)

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    The Sales Execution Gap is the gap that all sales teams suffer— it’s the gap between an organization’s potential revenue and the actual revenue it achieves. And closing it is the key to achieving predictable, efficient growth.

    Watch to learn how to help your team win more deals by:

    • Enabling sales teams to ACTUALLY spend their time selling - executing the right steps, at the right time, with the right audience
    • Scaling effective sales motions to shorten deal cycles
    • Guiding sellers (in real-time!) to better serve customers
    • Avoiding surprise quota shortfalls by ensuring clear alignment with buyers
    • Going from forecasting guesswork to committing with confidence


    Cassie Pless, Director, Commercial Sales, Outreach

    Shay Keeler, Director, SMB Account Executives, Outreach


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