What the CFO really thinks about your sales numbers

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    Your executive team hates surprises, especially when it comes to revenue.

    Unfortunately, sales forecasts built on guesswork can be inaccurate and put you at risk of delivering surprise outcomes, which have negative consequences across the business for quarters to come. If this invokes anxiety, you’re not alone.

    Watch now to get the inside scoop on how sales execution missteps impact a company’s numbers — and how you can fix it. Our CFO shares her first-hand view on partnering with sales leaders and leveraging data to drive go-to-market success.

    You’ll learn:

    • Why the Sales Execution Gap is the biggest risk to your business
    • The numbers that actually matter to your C-suite
    • How to get on the same page as your CFO (and other senior leaders)
    • What it takes to stop surprise results and drive predictable, efficient growth every single quarter


    Melissa Fisher, Chief Financial Officer @ Outreach

    Chris Albro, VP of Sales @ Outreach


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