Make or Break with Manny Medina

One thing all CROs need to do — right now

Make or break with Manny Medina

    We haven’t seen the bottom yet.

    Well, damn. When B2B white-knuckled its way through 2023, CEOs Manny Medina (Outreach) and Sam Jacobs (Pavilion) are talking about the contraction of the industry, broken benchmarks, disappearing valuation, equity disillusionment, and why the vultures are smacking their lips (beaks?) at the thought of buying your organization.

    But it’s not all doom and gloom when you’re talking with the “industry’s bartender.” Sam Jacobs is feeling more optimistic than Manny, so he breaks down why it’s time to start having fun and cut the desperation, and why outbound isn’t dead, it’s just harder. Watch the teaser clip below for a taste!

    Listen in to learn:

    • Why it may be time to make peace with traditional growth rates
    • What a successful leader looks like: for 2024 and in the next 10 years
    • Why it’s tougher now to be an employee than a leader
    • Why everyone needs to pitch in, because ideas without execution are a thing of the past
    • One thing CROs need to do right now


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