Engagement and intelligence: How to drive predictable, efficient growth

    On-Demand Webinar - December 2 @ 11 AM PDT

    Many revenue teams fall short of growth objectives because they don’t have enough information to consistently identify the reasons they win deals. So out of necessity, sales managers and reps rely heavily on instincts and intuition. Surprises and unpredictable results become the norm.

    Can you relate?

    If so, you’re definitely not alone. Join us for this encore webinar where two of our top revenue leaders explore new ways you can tackle underachievement in your sales org.

    This is the session for you if you’ve ever wondered:

    • How can I replicate the success of my best reps?
    • How can I spend less time on admin work and more time on coaching?
    • How can I better understand the buyer experience?
    • How can I make the best decisions without spending my whole day in a dashboard?
    • How can I scale growth in a predictable way?


    Mark Kosoglow, VP of Sales @ Outreach

    Mary Shea, PhD, VP of Global Innovation @ Outreach


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