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Posted September 14, 2017

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By Chelsey Feldman

Product Marketing at Outreach

Onboarding to a new technology can be painful. But at Outreach, we believe it doesn’t have to be. That’s why we’re so excited to announce that today, SAML SSO is now generally available for Outreach users.

With SAML SSO, Outreach seamlessly integrates into the SSO solution you’re already using to reduce onboarding and login difficulties for reps and to empower your team to actually start selling from Day One. We want your team to focus on learning and using the features that will help them crush quota, not creating accounts and setting up a million different passwords with 10 characters, a capital letter, and your firstborn child.

We integrate with SAML identity providers, including Okta, Bitium, OneLogin, Salesforce, and others, to give your team the ability to provision accounts faster and more securely across your organization, and to create a more user-friendly experience for sales reps signing into Outreach.

With SSO, Outreach integrates even more seamlessly into the way you sell by allowing reps to sign in with one click. The curse of the forgotten password has been lifted! Now reps can focus on making more calls and booking more meetings, without even thinking about a password.

But don’t take our word for it- Our Beta users loved using Outreach SSO!

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Managers - we’re thinking about you, too. You are no longer the guardian of the dreaded password reset process. With SAML SSO, you spend less time provisioning seats and resetting passwords, and more time doing what you do best - coaching your teams and driving sales excellence.

Lastly, SAML SSO is an IT Admin’s utopia. Now IT teams can more easily manage Outreach accounts within the framework of their own identity provider, including provisioning accounts with ease and deactivating accounts in one step if employees leave the company. This also enables IT to enforce more secure passwords across your organization. This is just another way Outreach puts your company’s security first.

With SSO, we’re giving reps the power of Outreach without the burden of yet another login. And making IT admins across the country do their happy dance.

Do you have any questions about SSO? Reach out to and check out our support documentation.


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