How to spot at-risk deals early and act with urgency

On Demand Webinar

Economic downturns are a nightmare for sales leaders. Buyer initiatives are being delayed or canceled left and right. What you need is an early warning system for deal risk. When you can instantly pinpoint the moment high-value deals change, you can act early – to win deals and achieve sales goals (yes, even in this economy!).

Learn how to:

  • Move beyond “gut feel” and become more data driven in your deal management approach
  • Coach reps to focus on the right actions to move deals forward
  • Avoid surprising losses by spotting risk early – no more missed signals due to “happy ears”!
  • Gain instant visibility into opportunity health, status and next steps – and spend less time on deal inspection meetings and more time closing deals


Alex Kremer, Director, Commercial Sales @ Outreach
Cassie Pless, Director, Commercial Sales @ Outreach