Outreach for Business Services

Unlock the power of digital sales transformation

From IT transformation and HR staffing to consulting and advertising, every business service firm relies on exceptional talent to create and deliver lasting customer relationships. To win in today’s highly competitive market, firms need to unlock their seller’s ability to build strong client relationships, win more deals, and make every project a success.

Outreach helps us build relationships with our customers, drive revenue, and make the day-to-day as easy as possible for our sales reps.

Tim McGee

Vice President of Global Sales Operations

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Why Business Service firms choose Outreach

Today’s winning firms are led by those that invest in seller productivity and exceptional buyer experiences

Land new accounts, extend relationships, and expand engagements

  • Keep buyers, champions, and internal stakeholders updated and aligned with mutual success plans. Help sellers orchestrate the entire buying and service-delivery process from start to finish with a single digital workspace to collaborate with stakeholders on requirements, deliverables, and milestones.
  • Make every meeting count with conversation intelligence. Reps stay focused on facilitating a great conversation while Kaia automatically transcribes calls, sends meeting summaries, and captures action items, so all team members can efficiently share requirements and plug-into sales conversations with complete context.

Maximize seller productivity and drive better sales outcomes

  • Augment key communication workflows with data-backed templates and playbooks. Leverage powerful AI insights to engage the right person, at the right time, in the right channel. Then make collaboration easy with built-in calendars and automatically scheduled meetings.
  • Remove activity tracking from your seller’s to-do list and unlock powerful insights. Outreach captures every interaction across email, calls, and meetings so that sellers can focus on building pipeline, closing deals, and delivering great work.
  • Proactivity address deal health risks with opportunity management and deal health insights. Outreach measures the likelihood that a deal will close on time and alert sellers to take action to get the opportunity back on track.

Transform forecasting and resource planning from an art into a science

  • Forecast revenue with industry leading accuracy. Outreach uses AI to analyze deal signals and model win rates for every team and seller to predict whether a deal will close. Team roll-up forecasts, coverage visibility, and state of pipeline snapshots make existing forecasts tighter.
  • Plan for multiple forecast scenarios. Use “what if” models to prepare resourcing plans for a variety of sales scenarios. With more accurate forecasts, teams can precisely predict and efficiently allocate resources.

Increase sales productivity

Outreach customers have increased seller productivity by 30% by automating tedious non-selling tasks and utilizing AI-tested sequences to optimize communication across clients, accounts, and opportunities, all from a single pane of glass.

Win bigger deals. Win better clients.

Outreach customers increase win rates by 13% with industry-leading buyer engagement tools, such as real-time call intelligence, mutual action plans, and suggested actions driven by bespoke deal health insights.

Enterprise-grade security and extensibility

Outreach’s platform is built to ensure your organization's data is secure and your team has the right permission levels to do their best work.