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Spring 2021 announcements

Outreach Explore: Spring 2021

Outreach Kaia

Kaia Content Cards, Conversation Intelligence and Analysis

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Last year, we announced a revolutionary new product called Outreach Kaia— a powerful voice-enabled knowledge assistant that uses AI to provide real-time sales enablement and sub-second translation with NLP accuracy. Kaia ensures that all of your reps— from your newest hires to your seasoned veterans— are best equipped to immediately field questions from prospects and maximize every single live meeting.

Outreach Kaia includes traditional conversational intelligence capabilities like call transcription, recording and call analysis. However Kaia takes these one step further— supporting real-time enablement in a way that is truly market-leading. Kaia understands what’s being said in the moment and provides useful and relevant help in real time, flagging action items, recommended content and bookmarking key parts of the conversation.

Kaia Content Cards

Content Cards are a key component of Kaia that differentiates from other conversation intelligence tools in the market. While other solutions provide only post-call analysis, Kaia empowers you to support your team in meetings as they happen. Content Cards serve up the most relevant information as topics come up, creating a better experience for both the rep and the prospect or customer.

Here are some ways we see our customers leveraging Kaia content cards today:
  • Master the complexity of product portfolios and partner ecosystems: It is very hard for sales reps, whether they are new or experienced, to memorize every bit of critical information. From remembering how to position against specific competitors to remembering all the key integrations, Kaia can help the most complex of organizations make it easy for reps to recall the most pertinent information when in front of customers.
  • Effectively onboard new sales executives: Onboarding new hires is challenging— and a remote workforce makes it even more challenging. Our beta participants have found Kaia as a great solution to ensure that new hires are fed reminders and supported through their live meetings. The result? MUCH faster ramp times as new hires can navigate even the trickiest of questions.
  • New product and pricing introductions: If you’re like us at Outreach, we have an ever-evolving product as we are continuously delivering new innovations to market. With new feature rollouts, it can be challenging even for the most seasoned reps to stay up to date.
Kaia Conversation Intelligence and Analytics

Kaia is not only built to improve the rep experience but gives managers access to comprehensive reporting for ongoing performance coaching. In one location, they can listen to their entire team’s call recordings, search across all meetings for topics or themes that resonated most in buyer conversations, and share links to sample calls for training and enablement.

By providing a complete view across all of a team’s customer interactions, Outreach is delivering unprecedented visibility AND the ability to take action on specific conversational intelligence data points.

Outreach Kaia conversation intelligence shows buyer sentiment. Image is a view of what it looks like in the Outreach platform.
See How Outreach Kaia Can Transform Your Organization

Outreach Kaia is now available for current Outreach customers who use Zoom for meetings. Outreach Admins can sign their teams up for the beta program by logging into The Peak.

When generally available, Kaia will be a paid offering on a per-seat basis. For customers accepted to the beta program, Kaia will be free for the duration of the official beta program. You will receive more information about pricing before the end of the beta program.

Outreach insights

Outreach Insights, including Sequence and Team Performance reports

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At our Winter Explore, we announced Outreach Insights, a suite of AI-driven reports including sequence and team performance reports.

We used to think that a high reply rate was better - but our data science team, focused on analyzing sentiment, discovered that this isn’t always the case. In fact, we found examples where overly aggressive messages were generating more replies, but they were unsubscribes, or very negative responses. In some cases, we could make the mistake of doubling down on sequences that ended up hurting our pipeline. But with Outreach Insights, Outreach provides you the tools to truly understand how well your messages are landing with specific personas.

We’ve had hundreds of customers involved in the Insights beta. Two of those customers sat down with us to share how they’re using these reports and the success they’re seeing. Check out their stories below:

Sequence Performance

With the Sequence Performance report, you can drill into the sentiment of email replies to understand which sequences and messages are resonating well with your prospects and which sequences you may need to eliminate. You can also inspect your targeting to ensure that the right sequences are landing with the right personas.

Sequence performance in Outreach
Team Performance

Outreach’s Team Performance report enables you to track teams and reps against metrics like booked meetings, engagement frequency, prospects contacted, and response time. This provides sales managers with a one-stop dashboard to see how reps are performing against KPIs.

Team Performance gives you visibility into not only how well individual reps are performing, but the knowledge to know how they are driving success. By using machine learning and sentiment analysis, the Team Performance Report helps teams scale repeatable success.

Team performance report in Outreach showing booked meetings over time by sales rep.
These powerful new reporting capabilities can help you and your team:
  • Compare the conversion rate trends across teams
  • Understand which activities top performers are doing to book meetings more effectively
  • Examine the contacts your reps are engaging with, with the ability to dig into actual email exchanges, giving you the visibility you need to best coach your team
  • Identify which sequences are driving unsubscribes and determine how your reps can message differently to drive a more positive engagement

Outreach Admins can sign their teams up for the beta program by logging into The Peak.

Deal acceleration tools

New tools for selling teams and managers

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We also announced a set of Deal Acceleration tools including a new Opportunities view for selling teams and managers. By providing a centralized location for tracking a team’s opportunities - our newest features arm sales managers and their teams with the tools they need to manage and accelerate deals across the line more efficiently. We started rolling out this new Opportunity View to customers in mid-March. Your team should receive this update by the end of March.