Sales Leadership

Lead a team of high-performing closers

Sales leaders like you have long relied on intuition and years of customer experience to set strategy and track progress.

The scale, complexity and velocity of global sales is outpacing traditional sales strategies and tactics.

Sales leaders rely on Outreach to build a culture of performance, optimize sales strategies, and align teams to land top global accounts.

Top sales leaders use Outreach to hit their goals

Closing leader Ashe tracking his deal activity
Every Day

Track deal activity

Gain visibility into the full funnel and drill down to individual opportunities.

See all account and deal activities across your team.

Alert account execs to high priority tasks for immediate follow up.

Closing leader Ashe meeting with his team
Every Week

Drive team performance

Review individual rep performance to drive focused, data-driven 1:1s.

Identify opportunities at risk and course correct.

Make sure emails drive meetings, and meetings turn into closed deals and booked revenue.

Closing leader Ashe forecasting deals
Every Quarter

Accurately forecast & accelerate deals

Report top revenue KPIs based on real-time data across the full funnel.

Set accurate forecasts using intelligent leading indicators.

Review insights to optimize strategy and playbooks.

Building Sales Momentum

When your whole team uses Outreach, you create a continuous cycle of action, insight and optimization that builds momentum and velocity like a flywheel.

Rep Experience

Make your sellers more effective

Focus the team on revenue driving activity by automating low value tasks like scheduling meetings, entering activity data and setting reminders.

Integrate with the tools your team already works with, like email, calendar, calls, CRM, so they can work the way they want.

Funnel Insights

Accelerate your sales cycle

Gain visibility into critical elements of a deal such as how many prospects are activated in each account, sufficient rep activity, and buyer sentiment.

Optimize playbooks and strategies to focus on winning combinations of actions and messages.

Operational Excellence

Lead your team with confidence

Unify your tech, workflows and content all in one place to improve hand-offs across the revenue org.

Automate data-wrangling and quickly create accurate forecasts and attainment reports.

"We increased expansion opportunities 68% quarter over quarter with Outreach."

Stephen Farnsworth

Stephen Farnsworth

Head of Revenue Operations, Workato

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