Unleash 2020 Product Demo: Outreach Kaia

Join Manny Medina and Sue Bostrom as they show off our latest innovation, Outreach Kaia.

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We all know how hard it can be to schedule time with buyers — which means every meeting you get matters. Once on the line, though, sales reps have to balance building new relationships with all sorts of meeting minutiae, such as taking attendance, typing detailed notes, and capturing follow-up items.

That’s why we’re changing the game with Outreach Kaia.

Tightly integrated with our #1 sales engagement platform, Outreach Kaia is a revolutionary real-time Knowledge AI Assistant (Kaia) that helps reps close deals faster by using real-time transcription and analysis to capture key moments during live conversations and deliver critical sales content exactly when reps need it.

Our CEO Manny Medina couldn’t wait to connect with new board member Sue Bostrom during Unleash 2020 and demonstrate Outreach Kaia. Now it’s your turn to sneak a peek at how Outreach Kaia dynamically surfaces information, delivering a better sales experience for both sellers and customers.

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