How Buyer Sentiment Data Can Improve Your Team’s Performance

Sales engagement metrics (such as reply rate, opens, and clicks) have long been used to inform sales approaches. However, our research reveals that metrics, such as reply rate, can actually be misleading. What if an email has a high reply rate, but the responses are actually negative?

We’ve long held the theory that it’s reply sentiment, not reply rate, that matters most. What is the intent behind the prospect’s reply? Are they interested in learning more or telling you to take a hike?

Our data science team sought out to test this theory. The insights they found could help you:

  • Book 14% more meetings
  • Avoid mistaking a low-performing workflow for a high-performing one

Find out the results of our study and how you can access buyer sentiment data that will improve your team’s performance.

Download your copy of our guide, “Outcome Over Output: Explore how reply sentiment delivers better outcomes than reply rate.”