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Cold calling is alive and well, but like any technique, being effective always comes down to how you use it.

When and how you call makes all the difference, and phone-based campaigns can produce significantly higher results when accompanied by email campaigns and social outreach.

World class sales teams use the Outreach integrated Voice dialer along with our sequences, to test and measure different combinations of activities and touch points over time to see which ones produce the best results.

Today, I want to share a few best practices on how your team can optimize your calling activities to ensure you’re connecting with the right prospects, more often.

  1. Go after your most engaged prospects first

    You’re more likely to connect with prospects who have shown interest, whether they’re opening an email multiple times, or replying to one of your sequence emails. Outreach automatically determines which prospects have the highest engagement to help you work effectively.
  2. Quickly engage inbound leads with high priority call tasks

    Inbound prospects are warm, and are more likely to lead to a closed deal. In fact, if you follow-up within 5 minutes, they’re 9 times more likely to convert. To ensure they don’t go cold, Outreach offers Triggers to automatically add these prospects to an inbound sequence in Outreach. Set the first step as an immediate high-priority call task to ensure the opportunity isn’t lost.
  3. Call your prospects on their time

    Prospects aren’t likely to answer calls outside of their business window, especially from numbers they don’t recognize. By including a prospect time zone, you’ll know the appropriate window for pacing your calls. Using local dial in Outreach increases the odds of a connection even further, since prospects are four times more likely to answer a call when it’s from an area code they recognize.
  4. Find the best time of the day to call

    As you place calls, Outreach will track when you connect with prospects, and when you didn’t. Our new analytics framework will help you understand when your team is dialing, and when is most effective, so you can make adjustments to your sales process through call blocks. Different prospects are more likely to pick up at different times based on what’s going on in their day, but you are likely to find that most calls are answered in the morning and at the end of the day, with less connections around midday.

As a fully integrated platform that enables dialing, emailing, and social touches, Outreach customers can finally answer long standing questions around how to tune their sales processes to be more effective.

We recommend you implement some strategies, measure and make adjustments over time as you learn, and remember to check out the new Outreach analytics suite to answer the questions that will help your team close more deals.

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