Buyer Sentiment: 5 Tips for an Ironclad Sales Process

Learn how to coach your team using buyer sentiment and improve your content performance, book more meetings, and close more deals

Traditionally, sales teams relied on metrics such as reply and open rates. But all too often, we wonder why reps are not booking enough meetings despite having high reply or open rates.

With new sales technology such as buyer sentiment, sales leaders and teams finally have a metric they can rely on.

In this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • How buyer sentiment enables you to prioritize sequences based on positive reply rate for increased performance
  • How to determine which sequences to double down on and which to retire, based on reply sentiment
  • How to easily overcome objections at scale using plug-and-play templates using Buyer Sentiment Analysis reports
  • How to better coach your reps

Download the ebook now to learn practical steps on how to better coach your reps and increase team performance using buyer sentiment.