Dec 28, 2017 | Product News

Snip, Snip, Hooray! Announcing Snippets and Inbox Bump for Outlook

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We’re on a mission to bring the same delightful Outreach experience you have in our app into your inbox -- after all, the average salesperson spends half their day in their inbox. Today, we’re excited to announce two new features that will increase productivity and organization when sending emails from your Outlook inbox: Snippets and Inbox Bump. Let’s just say, unlike the ill-filling pajamagram Aunt Judy got you for Christmas, these are two holiday presents you won’t want to return 😉

Snippets for Outlook

You know what can really slow down your day? Wasting energy typing the same answers to the same questions over and over. Or switching back and forth from your current task to copy and paste pre-existing email templates for for the millionth time. That’s why we built Snippets.

Snippets allow you to drop smaller bits of texts, links, or paragraphs into emails to answer frequently asked questions -- with just one click. And now you can access them right from your Outlook inbox.

No more complicated copy-and-paste email macros that you basically need a computer science degree to understand. Your inbox just got a lot more efficient!

For more info, including a full tutorial on using Snippets in Outlook, check out our support documentation.

Inbox Bump

Does your to-do list of email follow ups look like this?


If you’re using Gmail, that’s on you (you’ve had plenty of time to experience the joys of Inbox Bump). But Outlook users, rejoice, because there is finally a better way than the “post-it note mosaic” cluttering your desk, or the 500 to-do reminders cluttering your calendar!

Inbox bump allows you to bump emails back to the top of your inbox, based on certain conditions, so you never miss a follow up. Pro tip: this is a great quick alternative to a full follow up sequence.


With Inbox Bump, you can set the email to resurface to the top of your inbox if you don’t receive a reply in a certain amount of time. You can also schedule a bump back to the top of your inbox within a certain time frame, no matter what - whether or not you get a reply. When the conditions are met, Outreach will bring the email back to the top of your inbox so you remember to follow-up.

You can learn more about how to use Inbox Bump on our support page.

We’re excited to continue innovating to make the time you spend in your inbox as productive and enjoyable as the time you spend selling in Outreach. Inbox Bump and Snippets are just another step in our journey to get you there! To be the first to know about new releases for Outlook (and to provide feedback that enables us to improve your Outreach experience), join our Outlook beta program.

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