Success Plans

Manage deal health through a single pane of glass

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Keep deals moving forward, accurately

Without a clear understanding of deal health, most sales leaders have no idea how to help their teams move a deal from "at-risk" to "closed won." Success Plans provide complete visibility into your team’s deals at both a granular and big-picture level.

  • Get a single-pane view of all deals in the plans dashboard, including their status and next steps
  • Identify at-risk deals blocked by unengaged stakeholders with engagement signals
  • Align on business objectives, identify roadblocks, and ensure every deal meets stakeholder expectations

Tyler Fujishin

Former Sales Enablement Manager, Gravity Payments
“The big win for managers and reps alike is to have plans laid out in a very clear format. This way, reps see all the pieces that need to happen for a deal to go through. It helps them make sure they’re buttoned up, and for managers to rest easy knowing reps are crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s.”

Close more deals, fast

As a manager, you need to keep track of all the deals across your entire team to learn what’s working, what’s not, and if the winning playbook is being followed. Success Plans ensure every deal follows your proven buyer and seller process. Focus coaching your team on the most productive deals to deliver efficient, predictable growth.

  • Build a consistent and repeatable process to optimize and scale the sales process with quick-start blueprints
  • Increase conversion rates and accelerate deal velocity with engagement signals that help you hone in the most promising opportunities
  • Coach your team through deal blockers by getting a detailed view of activities and timelines

Deliver a collaborative buying experience

Selling to a buying team is a daunting task, especially when there are many stakeholders involved. Without visibility into next steps and key decision-makers, sales leaders can’t help their teams move deals along. Success Plans deliver a collaborative and transparent buying experience that keeps both teams aligned on shared goals that are essential to driving long-term customer success.

  • Set your customers up for success by capturing their key needs in a transparent and a mutually agreed-upon plan
  • Keep track of all relevant decks, pricing guides, contracts, and more in a centralized library
  • Easily share details of the plans with buying team with one-click secure access

Jon Barrett

Sales Manager, Sisense
“I can’t tell you the number of times you get to a CFO conversation and they don’t trust the deal because they don’t know the amount of work that got us to that point of the conversation. Now you can say, ‘Look, here are the 6,700 things that we tested with your team, and we can prove it, and your team signed off on it.’ It opens people’s eyes.”