Outreach Commit

Forecasting and sales analytics for revenue operations

Outreach Commit delivers real-time pipeline analysis and buyer engagement signals to bring science to the art of forecasting, enabling revenue leaders to go from guessing the future to changing it with recommended actions.

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Resource Bundle: Your Road to Forecasting Efficiency
Download these bundled resources to help you achieve better, faster, and more reliable forecasts that sustain growth, no matter the market.

Take the guesswork out of revenue forecasting


Commit with confidence


Fix pipeline issues before they become forecast surprises


Never fall short on pipeline coverage again

  • "Our forecasting is a much smoother process. And now that we have all our sales activity data in one place, we can give our board the most up-to-date, realistic information about where we stand against our goals and what we have left."

    Veronica Matini

    Inside Sales and Sales Development Manager, Armory
  • Armory

Commit with confidence

Traditional forecasting methods make it nearly impossible to know the degree of risk in your forecast. Get it wrong, and the credibility of your business and your job are at risk. Outreach Commit gives revenue leaders a consolidated view of pipeline health and buyer engagement signals across every deal.

Forecast with more accuracy and less effort

Leverage automated forecast roll-ups and weighted pipeline projections to build forecasts that you and your teams can stand behind.

Spend more time driving outcomes and less time in meetings

Continuous real-time collection of forecast data and easy-to-use analytics mean you can spend less time in process meetings and more time driving meaningful actions.

Identify the path to win

Run automated "What-If" analysis to see how different scenarios impact your forecast, then execute on the actions that can push your forecast higher.

Fix pipeline issues before they become forecast surprises

Strung-together sales analytics leaves you without an objective way to measure deal health. Issues get lost in roll-ups and summaries, which means unexpected slippage and losses are always lurking. Outreach Commit's early warning system continuously inspects every deal in the pipeline and alerts you to risks before it's too late.

Get deal health insights

Trust the deals in your pipeline, and hit your numbers without last-minute scrambling with summarized insights on deal health.

Turn insights into actions

Catch pipeline issues early with intelligent deal signals and take direct action on them in Outreach Engage — all within the same platform.

Help reps avoid deal risk

Proactively coach reps to resolve issues before they affect your forecast using rep-level deal views.

Never fall short on pipeline coverage again

To consistently hit your target, you must have enough pipeline coverage. But how do you know how much is enough? Without the right coverage, revenue teams become desperate to fill the gaps. By then, it's almost always too late. Outreach Commit helps you set pipeline coverage targets with confidence.

Know what you need today — and tomorrow

Identify how much pipeline coverage you need to meet your sales goals, and ensure you have enough in the system.

Predict intra-quarter sales

Account for fast-moving intra-quarter business in your coverage analysis with team and rep level projections.

Make every rep more productive

Measure team and individual rep pipeline production and coverage using the rep productivity scorecard.

Outreach Commit features at a glance

Forecast summary

See a roll-up of your team’s forecast, customized for your unique sales process and with visibility and modeling for every team and individual.

Deal signals

Outreach examines over 100 signals and proactively alerts you when a deal in the forecast is at risk so you can intervene.


Understand what happened to your pipeline for any previous time period, with filters for every team and individual or your own custom CRM fields.

Scenario planner

Adjust win rates, pipeline slippage, and other variables by sales stage or forecast category to see how changes might impact your results.

Intra-quarter business modeling

Account for the fast-moving, intra-quarter business that CRM or other tools rarely capture.

Rep productivity scorecard

Define weekly success metrics to see where your teams are overachieving or falling short of their goals.

Historical coverage analysis

Compare historical pipeline coverage versus actual results to prevent gaps.