Outreach Kaia

Guide sellers to success with real-time intelligence

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Onboard new reps 4x faster

Don’t force your reps to memorize and master every detail about your products, competitors, and pricing before they start selling — or continually pull existing reps from the field for additional training. Equip your reps during their meetings with real-time enablement and on-demand confidence.

  • Spend less time searching and more time selling with AI-triggered content cards
  • Keep content accurate, up to date and available when it’s needed most
  • Drive deal momentum with real-time answers to tough prospect questions

Increase rep productivity by 30%

There’s never enough time for managers to join every meeting and call that demands immediate attention. Still, you need to know your reps are living up to expectations and delivering on their promises even when you’re not around. Outreach Kaia unlocks the way to provide real-time guidance to make every moment count.

  • Track key moments with live transcription, notes and bookmarks to keep reps focused on the customer, not on taking notes
  • Prompt reps to self-correct when they may be talking more than listening with real-time talk visibility
  • Deliver on all promises made with automatically tracked action items and post-call meeting summaries for fast follow-up
Kaia Post Meeting Review
Kaia Post Meeting Review

Turn data into deals

Identifying risks and staying ahead of the competition requires diving deep into deals and massive amounts of time — time you need to spend selling. Let Outreach Kaia do the work for you with a single view into the rich history of all your rep's meetings, recapped in an easy-to-consume way.

  • Spot key signals with comprehensive search across video and voice calls
  • View actionable meeting summaries in your inbox immediately after meetings, including promised follow-up items
  • Get automatic notifications on trends and key areas of interest