Reinventing the Art of Selling with the Science of Machine Learning

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Manny Medina: We built Amplify because our true North has always been to help the sales person be better. We're going to make them better by not only by giving them sequences and workflows and then actions that they can take on their customers but also by giving them the ability to get better over time. Meaning, we're going to take their actions, we're going to consume it and then serve it back to them in a way that they can improve.

Yifei Huang: We are sitting on a gold mine of rich data and we can make it valuable to our user and sales organizations.

Manny Medina: The whole genesis of machine learning, which was around bad propagation is sort of coming to a plateau and it's missing some core principles, such as the ability to make inferences, such as the ability to figure out why things work. What we have found is that the approach that the market is taking of going down the deep learning route, takes this approach of a block box in which, you don't know how they come up with an answer. All you know is that you have to trust it and that's not how we do.

Yifei Huang: We believe we need to tackle this problem following general scientific principles. Hypotheses need to be testable, data should be very carefully examined to verify the quality of the data.

Manny Medina: When we built Amplify, we built it with the core belief in mind that, the human needs to understand why things work so that machine can understand why things work so that the machine can get better at helping the human. From a manager perspective, he's going to look at two things; is my team adopting the new technology? Is the new technology delivering a measurable lift? If we can do both, those are the kind of technologies that are going to drive. The era of the block box is over.

Yifei Huang: We have the capability to make personalization in sales engagement and communication, into the next magnitude by leveraging algorithms and by leveraging the wisdom hidden in the historical data.

Manny Medina: We're going to make available to every seller and every manager, the ability to get better over time. We're going to take those learnings and serve it to you in a way that your team can adopt them and can increase their production in a very measurable fashion. A lot more of this is going to come out on Unleash so I ask you to come to Unleash to see us and learn more about Outreach Amplify.

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