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Prospects Identified As Out Of The Office Can Now Be Easily Re-Engaged At The Right Time

Andrew Kinzer's Avatar

Andrew Kinzer

VP of Product Strategy

Introduction I'm excited to announce that we have made Outreach smart enough to automatically resume prospects in their sequences, after having been paused a period of time due to being Out of the office. Quite a long time ago, we built the best reply detection for email the world had ever seen. We then built industry leading out of the office detection, and ensured that if we detected that a prospect was out of the office, we would pause them in a sequence. Today, we have introduced a ruleset option that can automatically re-engage a prospect at the right time. Let's take a look! Demo Within rulesets, which are setup by administrators and assigned to sequences, there is an option to resume paused prospects. When enabling this option, administrators can control how long after being detected as out of the office, the sequence should resume. We have also built a configurable safeguard to ensure that only prospects who have been paused for less than a set number of days can be resumed. Once this is adjusted, be sure to hit save. Additional Information Truly smart workflows leverage all data available to make the smartest moves, and today we've raised the bar on how to use out of the office information to re-engage prospects at the right time.