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Revenue Innovators Need Efficiency to Solve Chronic Underachievement

Mark Kosoglow, VP of Sales at Outreach's Avatar

Mark Kosoglow, VP of Sales at Outreach

Mark has more experience with (and benefited more from) Engagement and Intelligence than any sales leader on the planet.

There are hundreds of individual moments in any sales cycle. Hundreds of large and small decisions that make or break a deal.

There are hundreds of deals in any sales pipeline. Hundreds of large and small opportunities that make or break a quarter.

There can be hundreds of reps on any sales team. Hundreds of people doing and missing the things that make or break a company.

By definition, a high number of variables makes it difficult for revenue leaders to figure out the actions needing to be taken, the deals requiring more work, and the reps worth investing in. You can have the best-laid plans, and the best of intentions, but if you don't have a bridge to execution, then you’ll end up drowning in the rivers of small, individual wrong actions and uninformed decisions.

That's what I see with many of the GTM organizations I talk to. They have the right motivations. They want to do the right actions. But they do not have the visibility, information, or intelligence to efficiently execute. And it’s not just the big mistakes beating revenue leaders up. It's death by a thousand cuts.

This weak execution results in chronic underachievement for traditional revenue organizations with frustrated leaders.

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Invisible Productivity Losses Cause Persistent Low Performance

Reps working on the wrong priorities, in the wrong way, or with the wrong insights, pile up the number of small productivity losses. And revenue leaders are frustrated because they want to coach their reps to success, but it takes an entire day of deep data analysis to find 30 minutes of actionable coaching.

If you are frustrated too, you are not alone. I get to talk to hundreds of sales leaders a year, and they are all striving to hit their number. But they're suffering from the signs of productivity loss. Here's what that looks like:

  • Your reps consistently underachieve without a clear root cause.
  • A small number of reps deliver most of the bookings, and there's no clear way to replicate their success.
  • You feel the urge to throw bodies at the problem because nothing seems to improve rep output.
  • You're shooting in the dark (and at too many targets) because you have no idea how to actually drive up rep productivity.
  • You chronically need to "solve the data problem,” and manually cobble together disparate data to try to make sense of what is happening in the revenue system.
  • You can't tell whether you have an expansion, pipeline, or bookings conversion problem.
  • You're facing high rep churn as your sellers leave to go to companies where the grass looks greener but isn't.
  • Your reps spend too much time on administration — they spend far more time feeding data into systems than actually using that data to sell better.

Can you relate?

If so, I think it would be good to introduce you to how Revenue Innovators are resolving their frustrations to drive predictable, efficient growth.

Optimize Everything by Instrumenting the Revenue Cycle

So we know this: Sellers cannot achieve maximum performance if they use inconsistent processes and need a slew of different technologies or apps to build pipeline, manage opportunities, and close deals.

Managers strive to coach their sellers, but in reality they can only bring to bear their own personal experience.

Leaders deploy a bunch of siloed apps that don’t give them a holistic, data-driven view of what’s working and what’s not.

Revenue Innovators know replacing manual processes with real-time guidance and proven workflows will help them win more often. Why? Because their efficiency frees them up to spend time solving actual customer problems.

And your CRM isn’t going to cut it. You need a Sales Execution Platform.

Outreach is the bridge to closing the Sales Execution Gap. It’s the Sales Execution Platform that gives leaders the ability to implement repeatable, scalable workflows.

Here’s just one example within my team of what it looks like when you put Outreach in the hands of Revenue Innovators: Our sales org is now so aligned with our marketing team that reps have absolutely no excuse to not invite target prospects to events or to send them the latest brilliant research from our global innovation evangelist. And if the offer doesn't work, marketing can immediately see the signals, change their content, and correctly respond to market movements.

Our customers are embracing efficiency at an even faster rate than we are! One large cloud solution tech firm recently told us that they’re using our platform to instrument the onboarding process for new reps. They have gone from taking 6-9 months to ramp new reps to now guiding them through productive sales cycles almost immediately.

That's real efficiency. 

And efficiency is a key differentiator in a Revenue Innovator's ability to drive predictable growth. Check out our new ebook to find out how.

The digital disruption of sales is accelerating. Are you keeping pace?

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