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Unleash Virtual Summit: A Recap by the Numbers

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Sunny Bjerk

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Outreach’s first Unleash Virtual Summit has more in common with “The Last Dance,” the ESPN docuseries on the Chicago Bulls’ 1997-1998 NBA season, than you might think. The Bulls were facing a growing number of external forces that made getting back to the NBA Finals seem impossible. All-Star Scottie Pippen was slow to return with a foot injury, and the team’s future was uncertain, with Dennis Rodman set to enter free agency, talks of a Pippen trade all but guaranteed, and head coach Phil Jackson and GOAT Michael Jordan rumored to retire at the end of the season.

Despite the external challenges, the team pivoted in the second half of the season to breeze through the playoffs, and in a true Cinderella story fashion, repeated as NBA Champions after beating their familiar foe, the Utah Jazz, in 6 games.

While we promise both of Manny’s feet are fine, Outreach faced similar challenges this year. As COVID-19 spread across the globe, we made the difficult decision to cancel Unleash to protect our community and customers, and the largest sales engagement conference faced an unknown future. But true to our core value of grit, our team of all-stars at Outreach pivoted to create the Unleash Virtual Summit, which has since grown into the largest virtual sales conference in the country.

And since sales leaders and basketball fiends alike thrive on good stats, here’s a recap of our first-ever Unleash Virtual Summit by the numbers.


Total number of Unleash Virtual Summit registrations!


Tier 1 product launches, including Outreach Kaia, a real-time knowledge AI assistant that helps close deals faster by making each sales rep more effective and every customer conversation more productive, and Sequence Intent Reporting, which uses machine learning to take you beyond reply rates to the true measure of success by categorizing the prospect’s intent.

Too Many to Count

The amount of times current and prospective customers reached out to our customer success and sales teams to learn more about Outreach Kaia--discover our Beta program here.


Total number of times Manny said “Play full out” in his keynote.


Speakers, including the return of Outreach on Outreach sessions.


Number of times the video team edited out dogs barking from speaker sessions (you can’t even tell, Sam McKenna!).


Members in our dedicated Unleash Virtual Summit Slack Community.


Number of sessions led by or featuring women speakers and industry leaders.


Number of our one and only Virtual Booth hosted by Outreach experts and staff to answer your questions, give a demo, and answer questions!


Number of outfit changes during the Executive Keynote.

27 Minutes and 40 Seconds

Total time that Manny and Mike Clayville, SVP of Sales at AWS talk about what it takes to build the #1 B2B cloud solution provider, as well as the results that they’ve seen after implementing Outreach--see a clip from Manny here!


“Ask Me Anything” (AMA) speaker Slack channels for audience members to ask speakers their questions.


Days left to watch replays of sessions from the Unleash Virtual Summit, so be sure to catch up on your favorites before Friday, May 22nd.


Thank yous to our team members, customers, community members, partners, and champions for making the Unleash Virtual Summit a smashing success!