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Roundtable Replay--Reasons to Rewatch Game Changing Processes & Plays

Scott Barker, Head of Partnerships at Sales Hacker's Avatar

Scott Barker, Head of Partnerships at Sales Hacker

There are three components to a successful sales organization: people, process, and technology, but for some reason, process seems to get forgotten about the most. And yet, it’s arguably the most important. While we are all trying to take space to recalibrate to the new work from home era, we wanted to make process cool again by asking some of today’s leaders to share their playbooks at the Unleash Virtual Summit.

Our roundtable, a live Q&A about Game-Changing Sales Playbooks and Processes, was led by not only three of the best sales leaders I know, but also some of the best humans.

I surfed in Costa Rica with Kevin Dorsey, VP of Inside Sales at PatientPop, travelled on Collective Soul’s tour bus for three weeks with Becc Holland, Head of Sales Development at; and hosted an incredible panel in Chicago with Katherine Andruha, GTM Sales Development & Strategy Leader at Eightfold.

Combined, they each offer incredible insight into their sales org’s strategies, and genuinely want to pass on their success to others.

I recommend folks rewatch the Roundtable to hear sales leaders share their winning playbooks, and a fun bonus fact: while we weren’t all able to wear jean jackets like we planned, Katherine still rocked hers and looked like a total badass. Rewatch the Roundtable, “Ask the Experts, Live Q&A about Game-Changing Sales Playbooks & Processes,” to learn more about AE/SDR playbooks that drive pipeline in new markets, evolving your sales processes to increase efficiency and streamline sales, and more.

Watch the Roundtable by clicking here!