How big is your
sales execution gap?

Every revenue team suffers a Sales Execution Gap — the gap between the potential revenue of an organization and the actual revenue it achieves. To innovate, grow, and win, leaders must embrace technology to improve their teams' sales execution. Sales reps need automation and actionable intelligence to execute more successful sales cycles.

When organizations close the gap and execute at their full potential, they win more deals with less effort, forecast without guesswork, and deliver a better customer experience.

Weak Execution Across Sales Cycles Results in Lost Revenue Opportunities

The Sales Execution Gap has three root causes: inefficient prospecting, weak deal management, and inaccurate sales forecasting. Each is made worse by legacy sales technology that has failed to serve sellers' needs. As the gap expands, organizations miss more deals, waste more time, and lose more reps. Others fail altogether.

Traditional revenue organizations fall short of their growth objectives because they can't consistently identify the best action or make the best decision in the hundreds of individual moments making up each sales cycle.

The Sales Execution Gap is Widening

Revenue Innovators close the Sales Execution Gap by combining automation, total visibility, and AI. Together, they unlock actionable customer intelligence that guides sellers and managers to win every moment.

Invisible Productivity Losses Cause Persistent Low Performance

Traditional revenue organizations experience inefficient sales processes, weak execution, and dissatisfied buyers — resulting in chronic underachievement.

Sellers can't achieve maximum performance when they rely on strung-together processes to build pipeline, manage opportunities, and close deals.

Managers strive to coach their sellers, but in reality, they can only bring to bear their own experience.

Leaders deploy a bunch of siloed apps that don't give them a holistic, data-driven view of what's working and what's not.

Revenue leaders understand that working on the wrong priorities, taking the wrong actions, and acting on the wrong insights ruins productivity — and results in losing deals that should have been won. They demand systems of action that use AI to guide their reps to take the right actions and make the right decisions at every step of the sales cycle.

The “Art of Forecasting” is a Coping Skill, not a Talent

Traditional revenue organizations use forecasting as a coping mechanism to overcome a lack of trusted, clear, actionable data.

There is anxiety with every commit because the siloed nature of pipeline generation, opportunity management, and forecasting spreads information out across too many systems and dashboards, making it hopeless to get true visibility. This forces traditional revenue organizations to rely on stomach-churning guesswork and gut feeling based on how the last quarter went to predict their finish.

Revenue leaders commit with confidence when they bring science to the “art of forecasting.” Instead of using guesswork to predict the future, they leverage AI-recommended actions to change it.

To close your sales execution gap, you need a system of execution

Most traditional revenue organizations don't have the technology they need to win the future. They only have point solutions that create more gaps and more friction.

Today, they need a unified platform to close their Sales Execution Gap, win more, and leave guessing in the past.

The right platform:

Gives them true visibility into their deals, their buyers, and their teams

Infuses insights and intelligence into the art of sales

Guides them in real-time to take actions that close their Sales Execution Gap

Meet Outreach's
Sales Execution Platform

Bring intelligence to workflows, guiding teams in real-time to take action that improves performance and better serves their customers. Companies using Outreach are more efficient. They have consistently higher achievement and customer satisfaction.

Instrument the sales cycle to provide true revenue observability and proactively guide growth. Companies using Outreach grow faster. They proactively identify and act on growth opportunities.

Transform the forecast process from guessing the future based on past results to changing the future using recommended actions. Companies using Outreach have greater predictability. They use signals from continuous opportunity inspection to take actions that change outcomes.

That's the power of the Sales Execution Platform.

The platform to close your
sales execution gap