Case Study
“The probability of reaching a contact declines with time, beginning immediately. Outreach saves us time so we can contact more leads and faster, increasing the conversion rate.”
Joyce Juntunen, Head of Sales, Bizible

The Challenge

Bizible hires really smart people, because high growth is incredibly important to them as a competitive sales team. In order to grow as fast as possible, they have to be really smart about how they run their sales process. Their current system was so poor that it reported almost no replies, making it completely unreliable. They couldn't even stop activity.

They went in search of a new system with a framework they could depend on. They needed a system that would help them execute their sales process. They needed A/B test capability of subject lines and messaging, and required the ability to see activity at every stage of the sales process, as well as reliable reply-detection.

Where Outreach Comes In

After heavily putting Outreach through the paces and scrutinizing every aspect of the product, then seeing throughput at 170% of previous, going back to a life pre-Outreach would be like "returning to the Dark Ages," according to Head of Sales Joyce Juntunen.

On their previous system, each SDR had to stop to think between activities about where each prospect was in the sales cycle. Creating sequences to fit their sales process allows them to set a sequence and forget about it, with Outreach telling the SDR when they need to take action so they don't need to track it themselves. It's also a timesaver for Bizible to layout the sequences and know that it's consistent across all reps. Daily check-ins transform from a personal update to tweaking process and talking about specific scenarios to convert sales.

Now, sequences are the secret sauce in their sales arsenal, specifically due to the ability to customize the configuration of each sequence. For Bizible, this flexibility has allowed them to save a lot of time, leading to a lot more appointments

"With sequences we can focus on calling rather than emailing. our goal for all prospecting is to get a response. outreach has the emailing taken care of, so we can put all of our efforts into calling."

The Results 

 As sales professionals we all know how critical it is to respond quickly. By adding Outreach to their sales stack, Bizible can reach more of those precious leads and do it more quickly. Their previous solution required them to manually send emails, which is very time consuming. Now, they can reach 69% more leads with that first touch.

This has resulted in the number of leads converting into demo appointments going from 10% to 16%. 

And, their leads were converting into opportunities 7.2% of the time; now it’s nearly 10% of the time.