The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Outreach Automation Triggers

Hosted on the 3rd Thursday of every month at 9:00 AM PDT

    Triggers are a powerful administrative feature that allows users to automate particular actions within Outreach. They can be thought of as a powerful "If This - Then That" system that allows you to identify particular events and take unique actions based on certain conditions. 

    Outreach provides a number of triggers to aid in the strategic output and success  of your sales team. With the use of triggers, your team is able to provide quicker SLAs, more consistent follow-up, and increase the capacity for sales reps to handle more inquiries; Therefore, influencing more closed-won revenue. 

    Take actions off of your team's hand through the use of triggers, in order to allow them to focus on areas that will provide the most impact. 

    In this webinar, we'll dive into:

    • Navigating the Outreach trigger builder 
    • Creating and managing trigger automations  
    • Understanding trigger logic  & best practices  
    • How to eliminate Inefficiencies by utilizing triggers 
    • Sample Triggers that are commonly used 
    • When and why to use a particular trigger 
    • …. And so much more! 

    Learn from the Outreach Experts how Sales organizations are leveraging triggers within Outreach to optimize their sales operations and propel their teams success to the next level.  

    All sessions will be recorded and available to each participant following the end of the session. 

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