Sequence Attribution and Outreach Reporting in SFDC

Tuesday, October 24 at 9:00 am PDT / 11:00 am CDT

    The Sequence Attribution Package is an Unmanaged Salesforce Package that provides insights into how leads and contacts are being engaged in Outreach. With Outreach's sequence attribution package, your organization unlocks additional reporting functionality including insights on how Outreach influences your pipeline and booked revenue. These insights will allow your organization to identify  your highest performing sequences to determine the content that provides the highest conversion rates. 

    ** NOTE: This webinar provides insights on the Salesforce (CRM) unmanaged package, which includes the Salesforce Engagement Panel and the Sequence Attribution automation. Which is ONLY available with OPTIMIZE + Outreach Packages.

    Through Outreach's unmanaged package includes 3 reports out-of-the-box. However, admins have the ability to build even more! Here's a snapshot of the data you can report on: 

    1. Booked revenue by sequence + Current pipeline by sequence 
    2. Attributable Opportunity Ratios 
    3. Prospects and Accounts Added to Sequence Week over Week
    4. Active Accounts in Sequence
    5. Meetings Sequence Attribution
    6. And other reporting capabilities! 

    Join us to learn more about:

    • How to identify which sequences are most impactful and driving the most success for your organization 
    • Receive insights & best practices on the data of specific sequences that lead to more sales opportunities for your organization
    • Better understand how prospects are currently being engaged and connected with in Outreach
    • Understand Outreach's impact on bottom of the funnel metrics to create and close the greatest revenue
    • … And so much more! 

    Learn from the Outreach Experts how Admins are analyzing their Salesforce reporting to determine which sequence workflows are making the greatest economic impact to their team's efforts. 

    All sessions will be recorded and available to each participant following the end of the session. 

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