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Scaling the effectiveness of sellers helps BetterUp accelerate its mission

Key results
Efficient workflows are equipping sellers to execute high-impact prospecting activities
Sellers are responding to leads faster while maintaining high conversion rates
Increased pace of learning is fueling go-to-market innovation, especially with new buyers
About BetterUp

The BetterUp platform combines world-class coaching with behavioral science and AI to deliver personalized behavior change and improve the workforce’s well-being, adaptability, and effectiveness. It has the world’s largest network of over 3,000 coaches offering support in 46 languages across more than 90 countries.

Responding to inbound demand by equipping reps with sales technology

The modern workplace is evolving, and now more than ever, organizations are investing in the mental wellbeing of their employees. Leaders in these organizations want to help their teams navigate through uncertainty and thrive in their workplace. That’s why they’re turning to BetterUp.

In the past few years, BetterUp has been growing by more than 100% year over year. As they’ve grown, BetterUp has seen a spike in their inbound demand. And much of this inbound demand has come from leaders who have never considered a well-being solution before.

In order to win these deals with new buyers, BetterUp’s sellers needed to consistently show up as empathetic educators and trusted partners—even when interacting with someone who BetterUp had never considered as a potential customer.

It used to be about activity management: how many more activities, how many more sequences, how many more touches can I deliver given my scarce resources? Now, everyone's really thinking about effectiveness. So it's not just about activity, but it's about activity that yields effective results.
Marc Maloy
President of Field Operations

BetterUp had to be able to quickly define what those effective activities were—especially when working with new personas—and then distribute those insights to the field. But at the same time, BetterUp couldn’t risk introducing any friction into a seller’s already busy day-to-day.

So Robert Thompson, BetterUp’s Director of Sales Development, sought a best-in-class solution that would help his team keep up with their inbound demand and continue to optimize their workflows, even as BetterUp continued to grow. His choice? Outreach.

Orchestrating workflows to drive more effective activities

BetterUp uses Outreach Engage to streamline its sales workflows, enabling sales reps to double-down on the highest-impact prospecting activities. With Outreach orchestrating their workflows, BetterUp’s Sales Development Reps (SDRs) can execute more activities and reach leads faster.

With less time spent on manual tasks and more access to real-time insights, SDRs can hone their craft and consistently execute high-impact activities. They’re digging deeper into Outreach-native metrics like call-connect rates and sequence effectiveness.

“Now we’re incredibly responsive in a bespoke way to that specific persona and industry.” says Marc.

Outreach gives sales leaders visibility into what’s working best and is helping them coach their reps toward activities known to advance prospects through deal stages. And even when team members are remote, Outreach is empowering teams to have more moments of collaboration and celebration. Or as Derrick Wong, Sales Development Representative, puts it, “Outreach gives you the feeling like you're back in a bullpen.”

Scaling the effectiveness of the sales team

With Outreach, BetterUp’s growing SDR team has reduced the time it takes to respond to leads while maintaining conversion rates—all as they quickly ramp up new hires and work with new types of buyers.

The pace of learning throughout the organization has increased, as well. Leaders like Robert are leveraging insights to better coach reps. Data conversations with partners in marketing and sales are driving innovations that are keeping BetterUp’s entire go-to-market organization agile — and changing people's personal and professional lives with every deal closed.

“As we continue to grow, the larger the organization becomes, a number of things across the sales process get more complicated,” Robert says. “Outreach is a meaningful part of our ability to scale the effectiveness of our people—which means we’re able to keep up with the speed and pace needed to fulfill our mission.”

As we continue to grow, the larger the organization becomes, a number of things across the sales process get more complicated. Outreach is a meaningful part of our ability to scale the effectiveness of our people — which means we’re able to keep up with the speed and pace needed to fulfill our mission.
Robert Thompson
Director of Sales Development


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