Yes, some SDRs have fun crushing quotas

Posted June 27, 2019

By Audrey Weber

Associate Content Editor at Outreach

Being a sales development representative (SDR) is one of the hardest jobs in the industry and, arguably, one of the most important. According to Hubspot, the main challenges that SDRs face relate to the grueling nature of the profession: burnout, attrition, and disengagement. Unfortunately for your business, "running a high-turnover, high-burnout sales development team can and cripple growth instead of driving it."

What's the solution? How can you make sure your SDRs stay motivated, happy, and meeting - no, exceeding - their quotas?

The SDR team at AltiSales has the answer. Unlike most reps who quit or transition to new roles after less than a year, these SDRs stay and shine far longer on the sales floor, many even staying with the company and doing sales development for more than four years. Most of them exceed quota often enough to join the President’s Club, earn paid vacations so they can swim with whale sharks in Colombia, and consistently take home paychecks north of their on-target earnings (OTE).

The secret, according to CEO Tito Bohrt, is to understand and act upon —

  1. the real value of sales development;

  2. the journey of its overstretched practitioners; and,

  3. how sales leaders can truly help (and coach) SDRs with data.

Before founding AltiSales in 2012 and becoming a B2B angel investor, Tito Bohrt served as a high-performing sales development rep for many years. He personally knows their pain and has gone to great lengths finding the keys to SDR performance and cracking the code for their happiness. Building world-class SDR teams for startups and growing companies has become Bohrt’s bread and butter, earning him a deserved reputation as an SDR advocate.

Clearly, Tito Bohrt has had a lot of SDR experiences to share. In this webinar, he chooses to reveal tactical, data-driven advice for creating and maintaining a positive SDR culture in almost any kind of business.

Watch how the pain goes away

In How Great Sales Leaders Help SDRs Crush Quota, Tito Bohrt dissects the field of sales development, launching the speech with an on-target joke about Nikolai Tesla that has some (ahem) shocking ring of truth in it.

Tesla is the scientific genius behind some of the most revolutionary inventions in history including alternating current and wireless communication — each still playing a crucial role in modern civilization’s technological backbone.

Despite his genius ideas, Tesla died broke and grossly underrated. If he had lived today and had outbound SDR team to sell his technology, maybe things would have turned out differently? Bohrt reinforced the critical importance of sales development by quoting venture capitalist Peter Thiel: “Poor distribution — not product — is the number one cause of failure.”

With business survival and growth heavily dependent on sales development, it’s mind-boggling why SDRs are among the most undervalued and neglected professionals in the workplace. The math simply doesn’t add up. Turnover rates go through the roof and the level of SDR dissatisfaction in many sales teams is alarming.

In this webinar, Tito Bohrt not only shares eye-opening insights about sales development but also outlines laser-precise solutions that have already worked in many successful and forward-looking sales organizations. Notably, many of these solutions are actionable right away.

Some highlights:

  • SDRs are like elite athletes. They need to be coached, not managed.

  • How do you use A/B testing to build winning SDR playbooks?

  • How do you use data to train SDRs to peak performance?

  • The secrets to SDR compensation, incentives, and motivation.

  • What really makes SDRs happy and productive?

  • Easy, affordable ways to lighten SDR workload and vastly improve business outcomes.

  • See what a fully optimized sales process looks like and where specific roles and functions actually play out.

The webinar is on-target and on-demand

SDRs lay the groundwork for sustainable profitability. Many are eager to do their job but setting them loose on the field unaided only deepens the level of frustration and pulls up attrition rates.

There’s another way and it is backed by science.

Watch the webinar - it's fast-paced, light-hearted, and actionable. We guarantee you’ll learn a few things you didn't know, you didn't know.

Tesla was a genius. But you can do better for your business.


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