Outreach announces acquisition of Sales Hacker

Posted August 2, 2018

By Manny Medina

CEO at Outreach

Together, Outreach and Sales Hacker will focus on empowering and preparing today’s sales professionals for a new era of selling.

At Outreach, we believe sales is the lifeblood of innovation, and salespeople are the backbone of any business. Our economy was built on the back of sales; the world’s products and services rely on sales teams to be brought to market — sellers who are committed to solving prospects’ pain points and problems.

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to support, and amplify the efforts of, every member of the revenue team — from quota-carrying prospector to AE to visionary CEO. And that includes providing educational and actionable content for the sales community.

We started down that path, but to be successful we knew we needed to take it to the next level.

Outreach is proud to announce our acquisition of Sales Hacker, the world’s top destination for sales innovation, thought leadership from the successful practitioners, and actionable advice any sales rep can put to use right away!

Sales is a community, and for more than four years Sales Hacker - which provides webinars, conferences, online courses and original content to sales teams across the globe - has embraced that community, creating a place for salespeople to come together, learn from peers and influencers, and up their game.

Furthermore, sales is the only profession where the score gets zeroed every few months, which means the best reps are always learning - always looking for new ways to stay fresh and attack the coming quarter. By providing relevant, unbiased and actionable content directly from seasoned practitioners, Sales Hacker plays a key role in helping today’s reps understand the latest trends, get inside the mind of their buyer and ensure they are not left behind.

As some of you probably know, Sales Hacker primarily relied on sponsored content to make money. That is changing. Through its partnership with Outreach, Sales Hacker will eliminate sponsored content, freeing the organization to focus exclusively on providing the highest-quality content and professional development opportunities to sales teams. In addition, Sales Hacker founder and CEO, Max Altschuler, joins Outreach as Vice President of Marketing.

It’s a big move with a lot of moving parts. And even though Outreach and Sales Hacker are now under the same umbrella, Sales Hacker will continue to run as an independent entity — no Outreach branding, the Outreach  team will not have access to Sales Hacker’s database, and, most importantly, Sales Hacker will remain unbiased and true to its original mission.

We welcome Max and the rest of the Sales Hacker team, and are excited to be investing in a phenomenal community, ensuring salespeople have the resources and content they need to reach peak excellence.

For more information, read Max's post on Sales Hacker and our press release.


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