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Connect More With A Smarter, Faster Dialer

Outreach Voice equips teams with the ability to connect more often.

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Click To Call

Dial Like Lightning, Wherever You Are

Outreach brings world class calling functionality to the applications you use on a daily basis, making you faster and more efficient.

Dial In Salesforce  Dial In Gmail

Salesforce Click To Call
Whether you're on a lead, a contact, or a view, Outreach lets you click to call quickly.

Inbox Click To Call
Quickly dial somebody from your inbox, the moment you get a reply.

Account-Based Sales Calling
Dial down your list of contacts in an account quickly and efficiently, with the right account context.

account-based sales calling

Increase Connections

Make More Connections With A Dialer That Makes You More Effective

Outreach Voice helps users optimize their connect rate with features designed to make calling more effective.

Bridge And VOIP
Dial from your browser, or open a bridge connection to your desk phone or mobile phone.

Local Presence
Dial from a phone number matching the area code of the prospect you are dialing.

Live Listen
Managers can also join a live conversation to help navigate scenarios where reps need assistance.

Better Together

Email + voice + social = smart moves

Outreach is one single platform that enables sales teams to connect through multiple channels.


Coaching Support

Scale Your Ability To Coach Your Team's Calling Skills

With call recording and live listening, team managers can now identify the best areas of improvement for each team member.


Call Recording
Record live calls, and listen to previously recorded calls on the prospect and account history.

Listen In
Managers can listen in to live calls to identify key coaching opportunities.

Live Join
Managers can also join a live conversation to help navigate scenarios where reps need assistance.

Data Hygiene

Gather Rich Data About Calling Effectiveness, And Analyze For Opportunities

Customize Outreach to gather data, post it to Salesforce, and ensure your activity history is rich and auditable.


Call Analytics
See which prospects have had call connects, and what the duration of your calls were by segment.

Custom Dispositions
Customize the call disposition options available to ensure calls are logged accurately.

Salesforce Call Logging
Log dispositions, outcomes, recordings, duration and more after the call is completed and sync it to Salesforce.


Outreach gives super powers to every role in the sales cycle

Outreach is the one single platform where players can be coached, and strategies can be tuned for success.

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We Listen To Our Customers And Move Faster Than Lightning

  • "Outreach is at the forefront of our newly created Account-Based Sales Development platform. It is super-charging the pipeline growth of both our new business and expansion business at Cloudera."

    Lars Nilsson at Cloudera

    Lars Nilsson

    VP of Field Operations, Cloudera

  • "One of our biggest problems that I wanted to solve for was our ability to get to 100% of our leads on the first day. After putting people on a sequence using Outreach, we're now able to get to everybody on day one."

    Joyce Juntunen at Bizible

    Joyce Juntunen

    VP of Sales, Bizible

  • "Life before Outreach was an inefficient process. Outreach has a lot of the core functionalities and integrations that the others are missing. There's no other company in the world that's able to offer that level of functionality."

    Sahil Mansuri at Virool

    Sahil Mansuri

    Global Head of Brand Sales, Virool

Ready To Make Your Entire Team More Effective?

When you put Outreach to use you receive more than a tool - you get a playbook designed to make your team more successful.

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