Outreach Guide

Revenue intelligence for deal management

Outreach Guide automates selling plans, assists reps in sales meetings with AI-generated insights, and offers teams true visibility into their deals. With real-time conversation intelligence and best-practice action plans, reps and managers can rely on revenue intelligence for stronger deal management and improve execution in each stage of the sales cycle.

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Resource Bundle: Your Path to De-Risking Deal Cycles
Download these resources to bring greater clarity, efficiency, and consistency to your sales cycle — even in an unpredictable market.

Guide sellers to success with unparalleled deal management


Leverage AI to win more deals


Increase rep productivity by 30%


Improve deal close rates by 13%

  • "In the mortgage industry in general, there is a pretty big gap between the leads that a company generates and the leads that a company closes. We want to close that gap at Guild Mortgage, and we're utilizing Outreach to do that."

    Gemma Currier

    Senior Vice President of Retail Sales Operations, Guild Mortgage
  • "Data from Outreach is bringing more context around our prospecting efforts so we have a complete view of what works and how we can continually improve our efforts and efficiency."

    Pam Kong

    Manager of GTM Acceleration, Zoom
  • "We're able to prospect, manage our opportunities, and forecast in one place. We can all collaborate on the same sequence and opportunity, and if we remove that, we're going back 10 steps and costing ourselves a lot of time and money."

    Veronica Matini

    Inside Sales and Sales Development Manager, Armory
  • Guild Mortgage
  • Zoom
  • Armory

Leverage AI to win more of your deals

Eliminate the need for last-minute deal-saving efforts. Instead, put AI and machine learning to work to unlock a better understanding of customer interactions, trends, and overall deal health. Outreach Guide helps you spot and avoid surprise risks early in the deal cycles, so you’ll never be caught off guard again.

Guide reps to success with AI

Leverage an AI-powered virtual assistant, Kaia, that joins live meetings and uses real-time Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand the context of sales conversations. With Kaia, reps get the information that they need in the moment to answer prospects’ questions.

Learn about Kaia

Track deal progress

Ensure buyers, sellers and internal stakeholders can track deal progress with clarity and understanding of key steps, deliverables and timing with Success Plans.

Learn about Success Plans

Proactively address sales execution risks

Gain true visibility into your prospect’s pain points, needs, required capabilities, stakeholders, and purchase processes, and assess your reps’ sales execution performance with a rich, easily searchable history of their sales meetings.

Increase rep productivity by 30%

Barriers exist every step of the way in deal management. When reps are distracted, ill-equipped, or unprepared, they’re unable to deliver a strong proposition — and you’re bound to lose out on opportunities. Kaia boosts rep productivity by automating tedious note taking and sales tasks before, during, and after meetings.

Remove painful non-selling tasks

Automatically transcribe entire meetings while capturing key moments, action items, and behaviors during the meeting.

Turn customer insights into best next actions

Make it simple for reps to take the best next steps by delivering call summaries, action items, bookmarks, and notes directly to their inbox after each meeting.

Eliminate obstacles and track trends

Mitigate sales execution risk earlier, save time, and keep deals on track with extensive searchability across calls and meetings while competitive trends and topics are delivered to you.

Improve deal close rates by 13%

Don’t let a lack of transparency derail your deals. Instead of just relying on gut instinct and past experiences to understand deal progress, improve your deal execution with a Success Plan that brings alignment between buyers, sellers and stakeholders on all sides.

Engage the right stakeholders at the right time

Deliver a collaborative and transparent buying experience with all key needs captured in a mutually-agreed upon plan.

Coach as you go

Collect and organize deal details in an easy-to-consume format that sales managers can use to coach and assist along the way.

Exceed customer expectations and win more

Bring internal stakeholders along on the journey to ensure customer expectations are met and exceeded as you close more deals.

Outreach Guide features at a glance

Real-time call recording and transcription

To build accurate transcripts, Kaia's language model learns your organization’s unique vocabulary: product names, competitors, and other industry terms.

Content cards

Kaia surfaces enablement-created Content Cards at the right moment in virtual meetings, so reps can easily answer questions about competitors, product features, pricing and more.

Action item detection & follow-up

Kaia detects when action items are spoken and syncs them to the meeting transcript. After the call, reps can track follow-up items as tasks via Success Plans.

Transparent timeline

A shared timeline is delivered to customers at the beginning of the deal process and is kept up to date as the deal progresses to help navigate the buying process.

Buyer engagement signals

Get notified when buyers view the plan, share it with others, or download specific content.

Centralized resource library

All documentation (case studies, contracts, etc.) shared throughout the deal is organized in a single easy-to-find view for everyone

Plans dashboard

Monitor deal status across a single pane of glass that shows the status of all deals and easy access to individual plans all in one place.

Comprehensive search

Quickly find relevant recordings and moments by searching for keywords in transcripts, notes, or content cards. Filter by teams, meeting, or opportunity attributes.