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Outreach Kaia

Accelerate deals live, not just afterwards.

Outreach Kaia brings together real-time sales enablement and advanced automation to make every sales rep more effective and every customer conversation more productive— to close deals faster.

With unparalleled language transcription and analysis, Outreach Kaia is an intelligent virtual assistant that accelerates deals by improving meetings live, not just afterwards. Kaia provides sales reps the critical information they need, exactly when they need it. And gives managers clear insight into every customer interaction— helping you coach new and tenured reps as effectively as possible.

Unlike traditional conversation intelligence tools, Kaia helps your reps:

  • Access relevant sales enablement content during live meetings to effectively answer customer questions on cue.
  • Reduce time spent on administrative tasks that prevent full customer engagement during and after meetings.
  • Understand how customers respond, to better coach your reps in the moment.
Kaia helps reps before during and after meetings
“As a sales leader, I would love to be present on all sales calls, but I simply don't have the time. Kaia gives me peace of mind knowing that every key moment, note and next step is captured in every meeting. Conversation Intelligence is a huge benefit to any sales leader, as it helps us listen to recordings and coach after the fact— but Kaia takes it one step further by helping in the moment— right when coaching is needed. I can confidently say that my team and I will be leveraging Kaia heavily.”
Rob Simmons, Sales Leader, LeanData

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