VOIQ Integration
3rd Party
This integration has been built by the Outreach engineering team and is fully supported.
This integration has been built in tandem by Outreach engineering and our partner, and are supported by both companies.
This integration has not been built by the Outreach engineering team and is vendor-supported.
Hang tight! This integration is not yet generally available.

Use the power of AI Voice to automate calling in Outreach

Leverage AI VoiceBots to enrich the way you communicate with your leads and customers over the phone

Leverage AI VoiceBots to enrich the way you communicate with your leads and customers over the phone

VOIQ VoiceBots allow you to target quality leads faster, book more meetings, and drive higher conversion with 100% lead coverage.

By integrating automated calls (carried out by AI VoiceBots) into your Outreach sequences, sales reps and marketers no longer need to think about making a call to follow up with a lead who just filled out a form or opened an email, or with a customer who's plan is about to expire. VoiceBots keep your leads engaged throughout the buyer journey and your customers delighted during their lifecycle. With automatic call data, recording and transcription right inside of Outreach’s Activity Feed, you'll have the insights you need to close deals faster and keep your customers happy.


Key Features

  • Import contacts directly from Outreach

    Easily import contacts into VOIQ with one click by adding the tag(s) you use to group your leads and customers, i.e. ¨Website Leads 11/05¨. Every call disposition, call transcription and call recording URL is automatically recorded into each prospect profile

  • Fully personalize and customize your script with custom fields

    Use relevant contact data as Smart Tags in your script to tailor each conversation and create a more engaging, significant customer experience

  • Increase your pick up rate with Local Caller ID

    Increase connection rates by allowing VOIQ to automatically verify your company or direct phone number. This will be the number that is displayed on the contact's phone when the VoiceBot calls them

  • Schedule meetings right on the call, or hot transfer

    Stop wasting time chasing after bad leads. AI VoiceBots work as your own call assistant: call every lead, qualify them and schedule SQLs as demos in your reps calendar, or hot transfer a qualifed lead to a live rep

  • Automate prospect follow-up and increase conversions

    Set up simple sequences to automate lead engagement and improve productivity. For example, when a lead opens an email, trigger a VoiceBot call within the next 5 minutes to follow-up and try to schedule a demo. Or, when a call ends, the disposition and data could populate into Outreach, and trigger a new action or task for that lead

  • Actionable reporting to measure call performance

    View, download and share call activity reports from your campaign's dashboard, including every conversation recording, the list of answers to every question in your script, scheduled meetings, transferred calls, and any problems with your contact list