Sendoso Integration

All-In-One Direct Mail And Gifting Fulfillment Platform.

The Problem Grabbing prospects attention is tough. Direct mail and gifts are a great way to break through the noise, but without the proper tools it’s impossible for this process to scale effectively.

The Solution Sendoso provides a fulfillment platform that gives companies the ability to send direct mail and custom gifts from one system. Sendoso manages everything from purchasing, to warehousing, delivery, and ROI metrics. Impress your prospects with a thoughtful handwritten note or mail delivery right from the Outreach platform. It’s the perfect solution for B2B sales teams looking to execute online + offline outreach campaigns, measure attribution, and empower the SDR, AE, and field sales teams to send direct mail and gifts at scale.

From Sendoso Sendoso helps B2B companies grab the attention of their prospects and customers with an all-in-one direct mail and gifting fulfillment platform.