LiftIQ Integration
3rd Party
This integration has been built by the Outreach engineering team and is fully supported.
This integration has been built in tandem by Outreach engineering and our partner, and are supported by both companies.
This integration has not been built by the Outreach engineering team and is vendor-supported.
Hang tight! This integration is not yet generally available.

Know which accounts to sell to and contact them using Outreach with LiftIQ

Real-time account scoring, focus on your ideal customers

Real-time account scoring, focus on your ideal customers

Before sending your first Outreach sequence, you should know which accounts are most likely to close next. This ensures that your Outreach efforts are not wasted on the wrong accounts. LiftIQ's real-time account scoring platform helps you define your Ideal Customer Profile and surfaces the best accounts with transparent scores you understand and trust. LiftIQ's integration with Outreach makes it easy to engage the right accounts, everyday.


Key Features

  • Add Multiple Contacts to Sequences

    From LiftIQ Smartlists you can add multiple leads or contacts to a sequence directly from Salesforce in seconds

  • Focus on the Right Accounts

    With a real time account score, make sure you are using Outreach to contact the accounts most likely to close

  • See Contacts Already in Sequence

    You can quickly see all leads and contacts that have already been sequenced or are currently in a sequence at the account level

  • Collaborate With Your Team

    LiftIQ Smartlists allow you to collaborate your Outreach efforts with other sales reps. Everyone can see who is sequencing who, right within Salesforce

  • Data-driven Account Focus

    With LiftIQ’s transparent account scores, you can see the details behind the score. Sales reps understand why a certain account scores high and quickly learn to recognize good accounts to focus on

  • Do and See More on a Single Page

    With LiftIQ Smartlists sales reps spend less time opening accounts, contacts, leads and tabs in Salesforce to do their job. They can quickly profile the right accounts and contacts and get to prospecting in Outreach