LeadIQ Integration

Find prospect data in real-time, sync it to Salesforce, and send it right into Outreach.

The Problem
When a sales rep finds a new account to prospect, it can take over 15 actions between picking the prospect, checking Salesforce, finding their contact info, and getting it into their system of action. As prospecting becomes more advanced, technology falls behind.

The Solution
LeadIQ detects existing prospects in Salesforce as you browse the web. If they aren't in Salesforce, LeadIQ finds their contact data, creates a new  lead or contact in Salesforce, and sends it into the appropriate Outreach sequence in one easy click. 

From LeadIQ
LeadIQ's focus is on automating the manual parts of prospecting so prospects can focus on the most important part of selling: the creativity. LeadIQ allows sales teams to bring in new opportunities with less work by finding and organizing prospect data into your sales platform.