This integration has been built by the Outreach engineering team and is fully supported.
This integration has been built in tandem by Outreach engineering and our partner, and are supported by both companies.
This integration has not been built by the Outreach engineering team and is vendor-supported.
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Crunchbase Integration

The Problem
How many times have you jumped on the phone, only to completely forget by your 25th call who you were calling and where they work? Or even worse, you had their company’s website open but it’s lost somewhere in a sea of 25 open Chrome windows with 10 tabs each? Can you find that one page you need in the first few seconds after your prospect answers your call?

The Solution
Combining the power of Outreach with Crunchbase gives you the full picture of the companies you care about. Get continuously updated information on funding activity, investors, the latest news, and more, right where you work.

From Crunchbase
Crunchbase is the leading provider of private-company prospecting and research solutions. Over 60 million users—including salespeople, entrepreneurs, investors, and market researchers—use Crunchbase to prospect for new business opportunities. And companies all over the world rely on us to power their applications, making over 3 billion calls to our API each year.