3rd Party
This integration has been built by the Outreach engineering team and is fully supported.
This integration has been built in tandem by Outreach engineering and our partner, and are supported by both companies.
This integration has not been built by the Outreach engineering team and is vendor-supported.
Hang tight! This integration is not yet generally available.

Learn what works. Have better conversations. Book more meetings.

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Sales teams want to win together.

Sales teams want to win together.

This is hard to do when a critical part of a sequence, the call or meeting, remains a black box inaccessible to both managers and teammates.

The + Outreach native integration offers visibility into every call or meeting with a prospect or customer and build a collaborative, always learning, coaching culture across the sales team.


Key Features

  • Find coachable moments

    Identify the Outreach Voice calls worth listening to

  • Identify top performers

    Figure out how your best sales people are booking meetings

  • Share recordings

    Share with any team member, manager, or Account Executive whether or not they are Outreach users

  • Improve conversion rates

    Identify key moments on SDR/BDR calls such as scheduling a meeting or next steps, discussing budget, discussing pain or a need, etc.

  • Build playlists of great calls

    Quickly ramp new hires using your team’s existing tribal knowledge

  • Provide coaching on important call metrics

    Coach your team on important call metrics such as talk-to-listen ratio, number of questions asked, and more