Built.io Flow Integration Integration

The Problem:
While there are several tools available to help sales reps and marketing teams manage prospects, none of them talk to each other. Prospect messaging, open rate data, contact points, tasks, ticket management -- any customer related data -- can get lost in the shuffle and confuse the customer journey.

The Solution:
Built.io Flow enables you to connect Outreach to your CRM, your marketing automation tools, to any data repository you use to manage customer data. By connecting your data in real time automation, Flow creates actionable intelligence that enable your organization to find the most value out of all your systems.

From Built.io
 Built.io Flow is an integration-as-a-service platform (iPaaS) for APIs which unifies all of your disconnected technologies, and automates them into easy to manage workflows. If you or your customers are dealing with any complex integrations or data management issues, Built.io can help in days, not months!