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Focus Your Team On The Right Actions For Success

Outreach provides truly customizable profiles and roles, allowing managers to guide their teams to success.

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User Profiles

Configure Outreach to give the right permissions to your team members based on role

Provision the right level of access to features and capabilities to the right people based on their role and seniority.

Fully Customizable Profiles
Just like Salesforce, administrators can create profiles specific to how users need to be guided.

Create Multiple Profiles
Outreach empowers administrators to create and customize as many profiles as needed, and assign them to users.

Enterprise Ready
We built these from the ground up to be scalable for small, medium and enterprise organizations.


Account-Based Sales is about smart strategy

Outreach provides the only true account-based sales communication system, helping organizations be more strategic in their efforts.

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Team Organization

Role Hierarchies establish relationships for targeted reporting

Managers can organize large salesforces into their operational units to share strategies and monitor success.

Analytics  Salesforce

Roles Hierarchies
Just like Salesforce's roles hierarchies, assigning users to the right role enables targeted reporting and governance.

Customizable Teams
When users need to be grouped in customized teams, especially when across roles hierarchies, teams can be used for reporting and content sharing.

Sync Roles From Salesforce
Outreach allows administrators to build out their roles hierarchy and assign users within two clicks, no matter how large the tree.

Workflow Governance

Guide everybody to success with account-based sales bumper guards

Outreach provides baked-in safeguards, configurable by admins to ensure reps avoid mistakes and stay on track.

Workflow  Automation

Account Throttle
Administrators can configure a throttle around domains to prevent teams from engaging accounts too aggressively.

Sequence Safeguards
Within Rulesets, team leads can ensure that sequences cannot be used more than once per prospect, preventing double-hits.

Ownership Safeguards
Team leads can determine whether users who are not record owners of prospects, are allowed to engage them.


Outreach gives super powers to every role in the sales cycle

Outreach is the one single platform where players can be coached, and strategies can be tuned for success.

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We Listen To Our Customers And Move Faster Than Lightning

  • "Outreach is at the forefront of our newly created Account-Based Sales Development platform. It is super-charging the pipeline growth of both our new business and expansion business at Cloudera."

    Lars Nilsson at Cloudera

    Lars Nilsson

    VP of Field Operations, Cloudera

  • "One of our biggest problems that I wanted to solve for was our ability to get to 100% of our leads on the first day. After putting people on a sequence using Outreach, we're now able to get to everybody on day one."

    Joyce Juntunen at Bizible

    Joyce Juntunen

    VP of Sales, Bizible

  • "Life before Outreach was an inefficient process. Outreach has a lot of the core functionalities and integrations that the others are missing. There's no other company in the world that's able to offer that level of functionality."

    Sahil Mansuri at Virool

    Sahil Mansuri

    Global Head of Brand Sales, Virool

Ready To Make Your Entire Team More Effective?

When you put Outreach to use you receive more than a tool - you get a playbook designed to make your team more successful.

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