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Our Sales Automation Platform scales your team's effectiveness

Administrators can setup any level of sales automation needed to help make their teams successful in their workflows.

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Modify records and queue up engagement activities in the right scenarios

Triggers are the air traffic controllers of your data sets, enabling you to setup rules that take actions.

Persona Auto-Assignment
Use any combination of criteria to segment your personas, and have triggers enrich records with the assignment.

Queue Activities Up
Use triggers to automatically assign prospects to a playbook or sequence, to queue up their first calls as quickly as possible.

Modify Records
Outreach can update any field on the prospect when certain conditions are met.


Account-Based Sales is about smart strategy

Outreach provides the only true account-based sales communication system, helping organizations be more strategic in their efforts.

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Email Automation

Intelligently follow up on unresponded emails within sequences and playbooks

While most touches require manual personalization, there are some simple follow-ups that can be automated.


Intelligent Follow-ups
When simple follow-up notes can be used to bump messages to the top of the inbox.

Perfect Reply Detection
So good that we only miss one out of every fifty thousand replies, Outreach reply detection is incredibly reliable.

Colleague Reply Detection
Our reply detection is so good we can detect replies from colleagues who were forwarded your notes.

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Engagement Rulesets

Control how your team engages accounts and prospects

Playbook and sequence rulesets set your teams' workflows up for success based on prescribed conditions.


Paused OOTO Auto-Resume
Outreach is so smart it can pause a workflow when they are out of the office, and resume them at the right time.

Update Stages Automatically
Rulesets update record status automatically based on engagement outcomes and post it back to Salesforce.

Call Tasks Generated On Open
When a prospect responds to your touch points, call tasks can be generated for the rep to call.

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Salesforce Sync

Automatically push and pull record data to and from Salesforce

Outreach's bi-directional sync ensures data is exchanged with Salesforce within minutes of record changes, in either direction.


Contact & Lead Updates
Sync any data from any field on leads, contacts, and accounts in both directions.

Reports Imports
Set Outreach up to pull in specific records from reports via a recurring SFDC reports import.

Activity Posting
Automatically post all call, email and any other activity to Salesforce, without reps manually pushing them.

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Outreach gives super powers to every role in the sales cycle

Outreach is the one single platform where players can be coached, and strategies can be tuned for success.

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We Listen To Our Customers And Move Faster Than Lightning

  • "Outreach is at the forefront of our newly created Account-Based Sales Development platform. It is super-charging the pipeline growth of both our new business and expansion business at Cloudera."

    Lars Nilsson at Cloudera

    Lars Nilsson

    VP of Field Operations, Cloudera

  • "One of our biggest problems that I wanted to solve for was our ability to get to 100% of our leads on the first day. After putting people on a sequence using Outreach, we're now able to get to everybody on day one."

    Joyce Juntunen at Bizible

    Joyce Juntunen

    VP of Sales, Bizible

  • "Life before Outreach was an inefficient process. Outreach has a lot of the core functionalities and integrations that the others are missing. There's no other company in the world that's able to offer that level of functionality."

    Sahil Mansuri at Virool

    Sahil Mansuri

    Global Head of Brand Sales, Virool

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When you put Outreach to use you receive more than a tool - you get a playbook designed to make your team more successful.

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