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Outreach Salesforce Integration
Communication workflows and true bi-directional database sync

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Supercharge Your Flow

The engagement workflow layered directly on top of salesforce

Call, email, and sequence your Leads and Contacts without having to leave Salesforce - all with one communication platform.


Outreach Voice gives you click to call functionality, from any area code you desire, for leads and contacts.

Send emails through your own email account, without leaving the Salesforce experience.

Add prospects to sequences from directly within Salesforce, one by one or in groups.


Account-Based Sales is about smart strategy

Outreach provides the only true account-based sales communication system, helping organizations be more strategic in their efforts.

Start Doing Account-Based Sales

Activity Posting

All activity records get posted to salesforce, automatically

The Outreach/Salesforce sync is unparalleled and ensures all activities are posted to the lead, contact, account, and opportunities.


Emails, Calls & More
Outreach automatically posts activities for emails, calls, and generic tasks to Salesforce.

Inbound & Outbound
Activity is posted to Salesforce for inbound emails and calls in addition to the outbound.

Configurable Data
Administrators can configure the Salesforce sync to ensure activities are posted with all the desired information.

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Perfectly Mirrored

Any changes to records on either end will update to the other side

Outreach mirrors records and keeps them perpetually in sync through a configurable push/pull to enable workflow-based record updates.

Syncs With All Objects
Outreach ensures records are kept up to date, whether you work with leads, contacts, accounts, activities, and even users and user roles data.

Create/Update Records Both Ways
Configure Outreach to create records in both directions and keep any set of fields in sync once they are mapped.

Record Ownership Mirrored
Ownership is one of the most important pieces of data. Outreach pulls in that info when records are pulled in.

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Outreach gives super powers to every role in the sales cycle

Outreach is the one single platform where players can be coached, and strategies can be tuned for success.

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We take your data protection seriously, and provide adjustable safeguards

True bi-directional data sync should only be done with proper safeguards to prevent scenarios that could lead to data loss.

Manual Push/Pull
Users and administrators have the ability to push or pull updates anytime, whether it's for record creation or record updates.

Configurable Sync Speeds
The data sync is so fast, Outreach syncs out updates 30 seconds after update, and pulls in updates up to every 2 minutes.

API Call Safety Cutoff
Allocating a set number of Salesforce API calls that Outreach can consume is one of the most important controls for midsize and enterprise organizations.

Configure Any Fields
Administrators can customize which fields on any object can receive updates, both from Outreach to Salesforce and Salesforce to Outreach.

Data Reversion Protection
Outreach performs realtime version control in data transfer to ensure that if both records have changed, the more recent update will survive.

Data Nullification Prevention
When a record on one side has missing data in some fields as compared with its counterpart, Outreach will ensure that null field will not overwrite the populated one.

Lead Conversion Detection
Outreach automatically detects when leads are converted to contacts, dynamically remaps to the contact, and pulls data in to ensure it is up to date.

Account Enrichment
When a prospect is mapped to a contact, Outreach will ensure the account is pulled in and the prospect is automatically assigned to it.

User Roles Sync
Outreach can ensure your users are mapped to the right role in the roles hierarchies, for an initial mapping and ongoing updates.

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