3rd Party Integration


Prospect better and close more deals with intelligent automation.

Power your sales engagement engine with intelligent automation

Drive deeper engagement with less effort using Workato. Connect Outreach with 1,000+ apps with bi-directional syncs using zero code to update data, intelligently route prospects, and receive real-time actionable insights. We understand your business is unique, and offer a powerful and flexible integration tool at your disposal. Workato is easy to build and highly customizable, able to handle data from all your custom fields.

Key Features

Bi-directional sync with 1,000+ apps

Easily integrate Outreach with 1,000+ with our library of pre-built connectors for Salesforce, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics and other community recipes.

Ensure clean and accurate data in Outreach

Combine and clean similar data types across your systems before mapping to a single Outreach field (eg. job title) to provide reps with accurate data.

Hyper-personalization at scale

Capture tracking events, intent data and more, mapping across systems to enrich your Outreach data to set up personalized messaging.

Automate prospecting with less effort

Automatically add prospects to relevant sequences based on captured and enriched data in real time.

Synchronize with Marketing for automated follow-up

Orchestrate coordinated sales & marketing by syncing updates between Outreach and your marketing campaigns in real time to allow quick sales execution.

Maintain full visibility into your Sales Engine

Deliver automated insights to collaboration tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams and Facebook Workplace to learn from sales wins and losses in real-time.